Based on the latest CMOS image sensor technology, the PIVOTCam-20 incorporates high quality Olympus 20x zoom optics with fast, silent and accurate robotics to offer high performance and accuracy in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The PIVOTCam-20 has incredibly low signal to noise at 74dB, and can resolve spectacular images in very low lighting conditions. It’s the perfect companion for Broadcast POV, Education, Corporate, Event, House of Worship production, and especially for Ross assembly production control systems.

This camera provides full 1080P HD and includes 128 preset settings with full control over Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus. Even better, everything is fully controlled via Ross’ vison mixers, as well via their DashBoard control platform.

PIVOTCam provides truly affordable, high performance image capture. A production system that combines the Carbonite Black Solo vision mixer, 3 PIVOTCam cameras, and XPression still graphics, is available at an amazing affordable price. PIVOTCam offers ground- breaking value and performance for all sorts of applications.