Brand Agnostic Solutions

At Brave Channels we thrive on creating and consulting on broadcasting infrastructure to ensure that the client gets the most bang for his buck. Researching and testing the system as much as possible, pushing the envelope and trying new solutions until the final, robust and reliable system is reached and installed. We don’t stop there and put our money where our mouth is by supporting the system we set up, with clear and definitive SLA’s, we take pride in our work and realise that we are only as good as our last job so efficiencies and reputation are everything to us.

Over and Beyond

Brave Channels is more than just a Glass to Glass solution provider, through our experience in production and eventing we take the planning and system design one step further to create the most effective workflow across the board.

We leverage on the Big Brave group to be able to offer solutions in mobile apps, graphic builds, workflow tracking software, gaming, streaming along with our offerings of broadcast systems and CDN technologies. 

Seamless Integration

Brave Channels can help you in all aspects of your production system, design and set up, maximising your workflows and production staffing requirements. We are a 100% brand agnostic company and have good relationships with our suppliers covering majority of equipment available in the market today. We are always on the look out for the next clever gadget that is released and sometimes even developing it in house to suit a clients needs. We are all about delivering the best solution for a client, not about selling a particular product or brand.

“Today’s broadcasters need a more reliable, and affordable alternative to traditional television broadcasting..”


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